People born today age four times slower.

February 29, 2008

In other completely random news:

  • School’s out for a week!
  • Konvert2Ogg, the KDE project I’m working on, has a new mission statement and code and GUI design. I am especially satisfied with the way the singleton / object factory (as taught by Alexandrescu) has turned out. With the factory and the base classes in place, adding support for Oggenc took only a few minutes.
    Wait for version 0.2 sometime in the next few weeks.

Despre Identitate

February 24, 2008

Ca şi religia, identitatea de orice fel este unul dintre subiectele pe care le poţi discuta cu cineva ziua întreagă fără să ajungi la vreun compromis, pentru că orice “adevăr” depinde prea mult de context. Dacă eram albanez în Kosovo vroiam independenţă. Dacă eram sârb în Belgrad vroiam indivizibilitate.

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February 19, 2008


February 18, 2008

is my favorite time:
when the sun is down,
and the heat is gone,
and the night is young
and velvety.

Under the street lamps,
sharper are the shadows,
greener the leaves,
closer every sound.

like blobs on an ancient film,
remind me
of what I forgot
when my age had a single digit.
all I had to do was
to move my hand,
and it would move.
What I want,
what I think,
I have.
I wish I could remember that.

at the edge of my vision.
They call to me,
but in full view
I find them still.
I wish I could relive that magic.

The green
is of a different kind
at night.
It’s alive
and hard
and raw.
Like I used to be
before I forgot who I was.
I wish I could remember that.

The city sleeps
and I can hear a leaf
turning to watch me —
an intruder on her silence.
I wish I hadn’t woken you up.

But the shadows are sharper,
and the green is greener,
and the sound is closer.
I am awake
in this collage
with layered colors,
clumsy lines
and muffled sounds.
And I have but shadows
and green
and sound
to show tonight to.

Rescaling a PDF File

February 17, 2008

I had a PDF file which I wanted to print with multiple pages per sheet. But the margins were so big that a lot of paper would have gone to waste.

I couldn’t just select the text, copy it and format it to my liking. The file is not scanned, so it’s still a mystery to me why the extracted text turns out garbled.

The solution I found was the pdfrescale script (via here). It uses some kind of latex magic to scale the entire PDF by whatever factor you want. All the needed dependencies should by installed by

sudo aptitude install pdftk pdfjam

If you know of an easier solution, I’d be interested to hear about it!


Quotes from “Second Helpings”

February 17, 2008

by Megan McCafferty.

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What Title?

February 14, 2008

Here are some categories of people, and what they do on this [non]special day:

  • Those who hate it philosophically.
    They are the same people who refuse to celebrate New Year because it’s “just another night.”

    • It’s just a day like any other. It’s not special. Why should I show more love today than I usually do?
    • If today is more than yesterday, I’ll regret it tomorrow when everything gets back to normal.
  • Those who hate it personally.
    • bitterly
      as in sour grapes.

      • “Everybody hates me.”
      • VD stands not only for Valentine’s Day but also for Venereal Disease.
      • “Relax, it will only get worse.”
    • sadly
      • “Why do I miss someone I never met?” (Nightwish — Cadence of Her Last Breath)
      • System Of A Down — Lonely Day
      • Try to immerse themselves in any activity just to take their minds off their loneliness.
      • Breathe over cold glass to fog it and then draw a heart shape.
      • Stare at the 56% full moon.
    • secretly
      • Big fake smile.
      • “Of course I love this day.”
      • “Yeah but will you love me as much tomorrow?”
  • Those who enjoy it consciously.
    I.e. taking into account all that the philosophical haters know.

    • “OK, so this is a day just like any other. But since everyone else is having fun, why shouldn’t I?”
    • “Tomorrow doesn’t have to be less than today.”
  • Those who enjoy it in blissful ignorance.
    • “Philosophy? Cut the crap.”
    • “I love you today more than any other day.”
    • Brag to others about their superior status.
    • “OMG!! presents!!1!”

I’ll keep adding to this list as I figure out more stuff ;)