4 Responses to Catch-22

  1. gr8dude says:

    This one looks pretty easy. “Loving yourself” is not a necessary condition for “being loved”. You can have an eternal fight with yourself, some external observer can like/love you _for_ that. Just make sure you get enough exposure to be noticed (-:

    Anyway, if a catch-22 occurs, the solution is to temporarily set one condition to “true” and act accordingly; sometimes you just have to give up and forget about your principles: let _them_ cross first; do _not_ try to prove they are wrong, just stay silent; call _first_ instead of waiting to be called; etc.

    Otherwise you get stuck in a deadlock (both are trying to pass through the narrow corridor at the same time), or a livelock (both are eternally waiting for the other to pass through the narrow corridor first).

    It is clear that catch 22s are not ‘healthy’, so most of the times it is safe to “temporarily set a condition to ‘true’….”, because inaction will cause more damage.

  2. Zburatorul says:

    Tot tin sa citesc cartea aceasta. Referinte la ea sunt mai la tot pasul in cultura din vest.

    Apropo, daca nu gresesc inainte puteam sa las un comentariu fiind logat prin OpenID. S-a schimbat ceva?

  3. asta e carte?

    nu stiam ca e carte.. :)
    dar mi-a plăcut.

  4. Constantin says:

    Cartea nu am citit-o [inca]. Doar expresia “catch-22” e luata de acolo.

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