You label me, I label you

May 30, 2007

(long post, may take a while to load…)

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Dissecting an iptables Rule

May 29, 2007

IPTables is a tool for firewall / fine-grained packet manipulation on Linux systems. After reading this great tutorial, I decided to try something more interesting (root is required):

iptables -A FORWARD -p tcp ––syn -s ––dport ! 80 -m connlimit ––connlimit-above 5 -j DROP

Let’s take this word-by-word and explain what this rule means:

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Basket in Peril

May 29, 2007

Bad news.

Basket, the number-one note-taking application for the KDE desktop has lost its main developer, Sebastien Laout. He’s not dead or anything, but he says he’s just to busy to keep up with the development. :(

Basket is an application I use every day, so it would really be a pity if it would no longer be available in KDE 4 (as it’s not ported yet).

TST Day 2

May 27, 2007

Whoa! I scored 200 points (out of 300) today as well, ending up second in the general listing. Now my participation at BOI2007 is assured. It is not yet clear about IOI, as that may depend on the Balkan results.

In any case, what I ought to be doing now is preparing ;)

TST Day 1

May 26, 2007

Today was the first day of Moldova’s team selection tests for the IOI and BOI.

Not much to report here, I have 200 points out of 300. There are two more persons with 200 points, and above that, one with 210, one with 220 and one with 240. I could have done better, I still need to debug what went wrong with one of the tasks.

Still, tomorrow is the decisive day.