One Day with the Naked Truth

January 20, 2008

Here’s the latest thing off my crazy-things-to-do list: spending a day answering all the questions thrown at you truthfully and completely. In other words, pick a number of people who you think you could trust with your darkest secrets, and ask them to come up with the most difficult / uncomfortable of questions for one day. The only rules are: you cannot refuse a question, and you cannot lie.

I tried it this Saturday with my family, and it proved to be a pretty interesting experience. Although it didn’t get as ugly as it could have (lucky me?), it was surprising for all of us in many ways. I will admit that it was difficult to stick to the truth sometimes, and that’s why if you want to do this you should first convince yourself that you will live through it ;) It will probably look a lot less threatening retrospectively.


Riddle of the Day (7)

December 11, 2007

Blame me for phrasing such a bizarre question ;)

What’s wrong with ‘TOP SECRET’?

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Playing with Qt/KDE

November 3, 2007

justwrite.pngSpeed writing means dumping the contents of your brain as fast as you can without stopping to think or check grammar. The small program I wrote today pretends to help you do it by launching a full-screen window to cover all distractions. It also keeps track of time for you and counts how many lines, words, and letters you’ve written. Here’s the source code (rename to .tar.bz2).

It uses the KDE4 libs, and the preposterous colors are the result of my experimenting with Qt style sheets.

PS. Bonus points if you find a way to crash it! (I know there is at least one)

7 Things I Didn’t Know Last Month… (September)

October 1, 2007

… about myself:

  1. My two favorite scents are that of rain and that of melons.
  2. I find it a lot easier to talk with people behind a wall of electronics than face-to-face. (bad bad bad!)
  3. I feel a certain amount of sadistic pleasure when saying ‘Bună ziua’ to neighbors of mine who speak Russian only.
  4. I like how British English sounds, but I never use it in written.

…and about the world:

  1. Telepathy _does_ work, but it only gives glimpses of someone else’s emotions. Full thoughts are impossible to discern with an untrained mind’s eye.
  2. Your teeth will go bad no matter how often you brush them or how often you visit the dentist.
  3. School bureaucracy is easy to fool.

Riddle of the Day (6)

September 3, 2007

Google can’t help you this time:

Give me a word in English in which the substring “sh” is not pronounced as in “shape”.

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7 Things I Didn’t Know Last Month… (August)

September 1, 2007

…about me.

  1. I cope with failure pretty easily. Too easily perhaps. Getting over the muckup at the IOI and the shattering of 1.5 of my dreams took no more than strong music and a few hours alone. No suicide thoughts, no depression like I had before…
  2. I have strong opinions on some subjects, sometimes so strong that I stubbornly continue to support them against all valid arguments. In other areas I let myself “go with the wave” and can switch sides in a heartbeat.
  3. Sometimes I ask people things which either (1) I know they will agree out of politeness; or (2) I know they will not let me do for them out of the same stupid politeness. I guess I ask just to feel secure myself. How egoistical.
  4. I give a ‘Thank You’ too easily sometimes, and at other times I seem to forget how to pronounce the words.
  5. I envy some people which are better than me in certain areas, instead of letting them serve as examples and ideals for my own actions. Stupid!
  6. I have a problem with self-discipline and procrastinate easily. When I finally finish something minor I tell myself that I did enough for the day, and waste the rest of it. I get distracted a lot.
  7. I listen to a lot of audio-books. I only noticed this when I had to burn some on DVDs in order to free disk space. The time interval between finishing one audio book and starting another may be anything between 1 minute and 1 day.

Hmm. Only ~1.5 of these are positive traits. But at least I know them now! Awareness is the key to success… Bla-bla-bla you know the story. I encourage you to keep an eye out for such observations and try to do a similar exercise monthly. If you have a blog and like to share, drop me a link!

Good luck at school, everyone!

Riddle of the Day (5)

August 13, 2007

OK, try this:

What is wrong with discreet math?

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