You label me, I label you

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Linux KDE WordPress Ogg Vorbis


Konqueror Firefox


KTorrent Azureus aMule


GMail KMail


Akregator Basket




Commercial Stuff
MaxDSL Sprite


Samsung Memorex Logitech Canon

Mania brand-urilor continuă! Eu am primit “invitaţia” de la Vultoor şi o transmit mai departe către FreeMind!

5 Responses to You label me, I label you

  1. Pavel says:

    Good work :)

  2. Alex says:

    Ah, here we go again… What kind of a CPU do you have? Samsung? ;-)

    On a serious note, I would never guess that you’re using Azureus!

  3. Constantin says:

    I have dealt with both AMD and Intel and am no big fan of either, that’s why I didn’t include any of them.

    I would never guess that you’re using Azureus!

    Because of philosophical reasons or because it’s Java/slow/bloated?
    I’ve switched to KTorrent for about 80%, but I do miss some features…

  4. Mahurin says:

    Thank you admin good work.

  5. Byrant says:

    Nice post, thanks for sharing. May I link back to your blog?

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