TST Day 2

Whoa! I scored 200 points (out of 300) today as well, ending up second in the general listing. Now my participation at BOI2007 is assured. It is not yet clear about IOI, as that may depend on the Balkan results.

In any case, what I ought to be doing now is preparing ;)

5 Responses to TST Day 2

  1. Congratulations! :)
    It was expectable for you to qualify and be one of the firsts! I’m glad to have such a classmate [for a while teammate :)], but first of all – such a friend!
    I wish you plenty of good luck at your preparation – and most important – at the contest(s) itself!

  2. Constantin says:

    Thank you.
    I can see you changed the theme of your space – dark, shiny, green, matrix. I like it ;)

  3. Thanks.
    I decided to try something new :).

  4. Radu says:


    Can you post the tasks of both days?

  5. Constantin says:

    I don’t have them in electronic format, sorry.

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