Reading For The Heck Of It

When people learn that you enjoy reading books, they seem to automatically expect at least one of the following:

  • You are reading only politically-correct, age-appropriate, unoffensive, generally approved books.
  • You are reading books for the sole purpose of developing yourself, i.e. you read philosophical / academic / otherwise heavy books.

Most automatic assumptions are wrong, and these are no exceptions. Besides the “heavy” stuff I pick up from time to time, I love books for their own sake! A book doesn’t have to teach me some important concept or change my whole life for me to like it. There are plenty of books I read for the sheer heck of it, sometimes even for cheap thrills, without expecting to find anything too deep in them. And I don’t think this is condemnable. It’s better than watching soap operas at any rate :P

My current just-for-fun book is Stephenie Meyer’s New Moon, second in the Twilight series. Some see it as worthless because:

  • it doesn’t (seem to) teach the reader anything;
  • it promotes unrealistic standards / expectations;
  • there is little or no character development during the story (in the first book, at least)

But it’s still with me because:

  • it’s fun!

3 Responses to Reading For The Heck Of It

  1. Alex Railean says:

    To be honest, I was surprised to see how fast you post stuff about new books you’ve read.

    My pace is much slower, and unfortunately I cannot yet afford to read books that are not really related to my field; and I choose books that help me improve myself and my professional skills. Lately I’m spending a lot of time reading books about software projects, and computer security. The good news is that there ARE many books that are computer related, but are also “humanitarian”, so I don’t feel like preparing for an exam (-:

    Maybe I’m lucky to be involved in such an interesting field, in which it is very easy to combine “work and play”. The next 5 books I plan to purchase are also IT-related.

    I enjoy myself when I read this stuff; and if it’s not “non-computer” enough, it is easier for me to write something new, than it is to read something else.

  2. Constantin says:

    In other words, you are _way_ more focused than I am. Sometimes I feel like I should rethink my time scheduling algorithm — it allocates too little time for programming lately…

  3. Alex Railean says:

    Don’t hurry with switching strategies; it’s important not to get to the other end of the spectrum, because that’s not necessarily a good change.

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