I Have No Idea

May 5, 2008

how to translate Paştele Blajinilor into English. In short, it’s the day we remember our dead, and it’s always one week after the Orthodox Easter. My family stuck to the tradition this year and visited my grandfather’s resting place in that big cemetery at the edge of the city.

A few thoughts:

  • I know this is not_nice, etc., but how can our departed continue to be annoying even after they die?! Do we have to make such a fuss about “remembering” them?
  • There were way too many policemen out there. Where’s one when you need one?
  • I’ve seen only one grave that really impressed me. And I didn’t even see it in real life. It’s featured on the covers of albums by Nightwish and Evanescence.


April 26, 2008

Mail from the US usually gets here in 7 days. So when it still wasn’t there in 3 weeks, I really began to panic.

And just now I found a letter addressed to me, in a doorless mailbox next to mine, WITH THE ENVELOPE TORN OPEN!

Now, when it comes like that, our Postal service puts a stamp saying it arrived damaged. This one had no such stamp, which means it was “damaged” after it was delivered!

My faith in mankind has suffered a heavy blow :(

Conspiracy theorists

February 8, 2008

should burn in hell if you ask me. At least as long as there are enough people they can so easily convince.

I am annoyed at those who find it worthwhile to force their beliefs upon me. Especially when the source of these beliefs is so questionable. Why is it easier to believe some twisted pseudo-documentary than it is to believe, for instance, NASA? Or is everybody doing it simply because it’s en vogue to think/talk/dress/be different? In a world where everybody is trying so hard to be different, being different doesn’t make any difference anymore (polyptoton intended.)

Yes, I believe Americans have landed on the moon. No, I don’t believe there is a reptilian race ruling the Earth. No, I don’t believe the September 11th attacks were an inside job. And no, I don’t believe the Harry Potter books contain subliminal messages turning children into evil wizards.

There’s a reason it’s called conspiracy theory.

Yes, I believe people aren’t evil by definition, and yes, I still wince when called naive.

Just blame it on television

January 28, 2008

When most people learn about an event they deem “violent,” such as a school shooting, a terrorist attack, cruelty to animals and so on, their standard reaction seems to be: “oh it’s TV’s fault — all those violent movies!” or something on the lines thereof.

I disagree.

Imagine a society in which small children had everything they needed in order to survive (i.e. food, warmth, shelter) but they would be completely separated from and unaware of the existence of adults. No television, no grown-ups, no “negative” influences. One could say that an utopian society would rise as these children grow. I don’t think so. I believe that at some point leaders, groups, a power structure and all the inherent problems will appear, including fights and violence.

We invented it, so don’t blame TV.

Reading For The Heck Of It

January 16, 2008

When people learn that you enjoy reading books, they seem to automatically expect at least one of the following:

  • You are reading only politically-correct, age-appropriate, unoffensive, generally approved books.
  • You are reading books for the sole purpose of developing yourself, i.e. you read philosophical / academic / otherwise heavy books.

Most automatic assumptions are wrong, and these are no exceptions. Besides the “heavy” stuff I pick up from time to time, I love books for their own sake! A book doesn’t have to teach me some important concept or change my whole life for me to like it. There are plenty of books I read for the sheer heck of it, sometimes even for cheap thrills, without expecting to find anything too deep in them. And I don’t think this is condemnable. It’s better than watching soap operas at any rate :P

My current just-for-fun book is Stephenie Meyer’s New Moon, second in the Twilight series. Some see it as worthless because:

  • it doesn’t (seem to) teach the reader anything;
  • it promotes unrealistic standards / expectations;
  • there is little or no character development during the story (in the first book, at least)

But it’s still with me because:

  • it’s fun!

Cum să scapi de “propagandişti”

November 29, 2007

(you know what I mean…)

Nu voi discuta aici motive, ci metode. Cei cu motivele GTFOOH :evil:

Se împart în 3 categorii:

  • Dacă vrei să-i enervezi (are sens uneori; use at your own risk):
    • Râde-le în faţă.
    • Trimite-i direct în ****
    • Acceptă publicaţia pe care ţi-o împing; fă câţiva paşi şi arunc-o / rupe-o / dă-o unei alte persoane / las-o pe trotuar etc.
    • Arată-le vreun tatuaj cu simboluri oculte.
  • Dacă vrei să râzi de ei:
    • Întreabă-i cine îi plăteşte / cât, şi priveşte-i cum se chinuie să te convingă că banii sunt din donaţii voluntare.
    • Întreabă-i vreun detaliu “obscur” din cartea aia mare şi veche, să vezi că o ştiu cam la fel de bine ca şi câinele din cartier ;)
    • Zi-le că te grăbeşti să donezi sânge şi nu vrei să întârzii. Observă dacă reacţionează “ca la carte.”
    • Întreabă-i în câte ţări activează organizaţia lor şi vezi dacă îşi ştiu cifrele.
  • Dacă vrei să-ţi pui la încercare abilităţile de dezbatere:
    • Întreabă-i cum explică existenţa unei suprafiinţe care ne iubeşte, când există pe lume copii nevinovaţi care mor de sete / foame (sau orice alt exemplu.)
    • Întreabă-i cum explică faptul că suprafiinţa este “modelată” aşa de asemănător omului (adică: răzbunătoare, care pedepseşte, care vrea dovezi de fidelitate etc.)

Porunca lui George Carlin: Thou shalt keep thy religion to thyself.

PS. Sugestiile sunt binevenite :)