Just Listen

March 9, 2008

Don’t think, or judge, just listen.

I’m still not sure what to make of Sarah Dessen’s latest book. I definitely enjoyed the unlikely combination of music, modeling, radio, personal secrets and… bacon! that the novel presents. The story was pretty amazing as well, with the exception of the ending, which I feel had too many good things concentrated. And I can relate to the wanting-to-quit-but-not-doing-it-as-it-would-disappoint-others state of mind. But like so many other times, I feel that here is an important lesson for me and I’m not getting it.

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January 10, 2008

Three syllables that describe what I’ve been feeling a lot of lately.

Just the other day I was reading some article which claimed that everything in life feels clumsy the first time you do it. It didn’t strike me as particularly meaningful at the time, but tonight I realized something. As I was raising a glass of wine for a nondescript occasion at supper, I said the usual “cheers” (in Romanian of course), and I was surprised to notice how automatic it felt, almost without thinking! This is not to say that I drink often or anything, in fact I never got drunk in my life, and I regret it sometimes. But it made me recall the first time I was offered a glass and had to say “cheers.” It felt extremely awkward, like it was the stupidest thing on Earth to say and I was the grandest idiot in the world to say it.

Time passed, cells multiplied, thoughts got shifted. And something awkward turned into something trivial. I should learn from that…