May 7, 2008

Sorry about the mess I currently made of this blog. I updated the Code section (aka. Magic) and had to create a separate post for every config file that was listed there. The news here is:

  • I’ve become maintainer of the KCharSelect widget/utility app in KDE. I haven’t done much besides bragging yet, but I have some bug fixes (before 4.1) and features in mind.
  • With a little luck (and a lot of free time if I find it), I will begin porting Filelight to KDE 4.

In other weakly related news:

  • Theme change. Opinions?
  • Blogroll updated. Forget common sense.
  • I won’t be home until Monday. I’m going to make an ass of myself again in front of the unbeatable Romanian contestants at the .Campion final round
  • I’ve been pondering whether I should finally get my own domain + paid hosting soon. I decided that it’s not yet the time, since except for a few gotchas (can only upload certain file types, can’t change CSS), I’ve been really happy with the WordPress.com service.

Now, if this post is not random, than I don’t know what is!

Python Trick: Subtracting Dates

April 3, 2008

I’m not the Python genius I want to be, so here’s this, for future reference:

How to subtract one date from another, and get the result in days:

from datetime import date
(date(2008, 3, 31) - date(2005, 2, 1)).days

A simple application:

party = date(2008, 6, 1)
(party -  date.today()).days

Konvert2Ogg 0.2 is here

March 21, 2008


after a complete redesign,

and a complete code rewrite,

released under a full moon,

feature-complete and usable,

[drum roll],


Konvert2Ogg 0.2 is here.

(updated) Home page
SourceForge.net project page
KDE-Apps.org page

I am especially thrilled about what I’ve learned while developing this project:

  • How to implement a factory in C++, so that when I want to add a new class, I don’t need to add references to it all over the place.
  • As a bonus, make that factory a singleton ;)
  • Lots of things about Qt, KDE, and even svn, XHTML and CSS, that I could only learn hands-on. (too many to list)
  • I even fixed some bugs / made some improvements to kdelibs while working on K2O!
  • Probably a bunch of other stuff I am forgetting right now.

Although the program now works and does what I want, this is no way the end of the journey. There are many more cool things in the can :D

As Simple As Snow

January 8, 2008

sasas.jpgFrom the first page to the very last, this book is pure sweet torture. With an overdose of mystery to begin with, the precisely adequate amount of romance, and copious goth darkness for dessert, it’s really hard to stop reading. But Galloway’s work goes far beyond disturbing. He creates enough questions to make your head explode, and then leaves you with an ending that makes your jaw drop. If you have even a tiny bit of curiosity inside you, this book will not leave your mind easily.

The novel is also a bildungsroman, following the growth of a character and culminating with the realization that he can be anything he wants to be. The story is intertwined with philosophical messages about god, death, truth, the simple and the complex.

The ambiguity of the novel had me oscillating between awe and irritation. The author is a master of questions with no answers. I wonder whether he thought of any answers for his mysteries at all. Maybe he’s just teasing his readers!

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December 28, 2007

A lot of stuff is happening these days to my blog… I already updated / cleaned-up most pages, and I am thinking of changing the theme (got tired of this one). Since this is work in progress, don’t be too surprised if you find crappy looks or broken links…

I’ll keep you posted!

Update: the changes are pretty much done. I’m not completely satisfied with the new ‘Freshy’ theme, because:

  • These bullets look funny.
  • Selected text is orange.
  • The code tag creates lines of its own, like this: this is\
    some code.
    This is not a bad thing in itself, but all the posts I’ve written using the code tag now look cluttered because all it used to do in the old theme was set a fixed-width font. Lazy me should probably edit the old posts to fix this…
  • Probably much more I haven’t seen yet.

Question of the day: do you thing the header image (up there) is too depressing? Please take time to comment. Thanks!