Human Memory at Work

January 2, 2008

velcro-ball.jpg A target and three velcro balls. A children’s game that somehow stuck. Sometimes I still play, usually because I can’t sit still for too long ;)

That’s exactly what I was doing today, when I was suddenly hit by a feeling, the same distinct feeling I felt when I listened to the audio version of Vanishing, by Bruce Brooks. I thought this strange, because the book was a short one and it never crossed my mind again after I finished it. Then I remembered that I was playing the same game while listening to the book. The sudden memory must be a result of an association my brain has made (without asking for my permission!) between the book and the action of playing the game.

Take any life you can. Doesn’t matter. Because…just between us, tell you: Dying sucks.

Books for children; books about death. Open question: how early does it make sense to teach youngsters about death?

PS. Here’s an article you may find interesting.


Riddle of the Day (7)

December 11, 2007

Blame me for phrasing such a bizarre question ;)

What’s wrong with ‘TOP SECRET’?

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Riddle of the Day (6)

September 3, 2007

Google can’t help you this time:

Give me a word in English in which the substring “sh” is not pronounced as in “shape”.

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Quizlet – A Great Way to Learn New Words

January 29, 2007

Usually when I discover a new website and I like it, I tell all my friends. So here it is :)

Quizlet.comThe way to learn vocabulary. You can make your own lists of words (not only in English), use other people’s lists, take tests and measure your progress. (And it works in Konqueror, too!) What more could you possibly desire? I want to improve my English so I believe it will prove particularly useful to me. Here’s one for starters: The 100 Most Common SAT Words. Do you think you know half of them? Well, congratulations then.


Oh, I almost forgot. It’s free, too! :D

/* Obfuscated */

January 4, 2007

All the 10cm of snow that fell yesterday started melting today. There’s nothing but mud and cold, wet feet on the streets of Chişinău today. This weather has a negative impact on people’s mood :(

And on a day like this, this story appears on Slashdot. An International Obfuscated C Code Contest! I most definitely will participate this year ;) Good luck everybody!

Another 3 Random Things

January 3, 2007

1) Google crawled my blog!
Crawled by Google

2) I’m at level 16 now in notpr0n, and I’m stuck! I guess those numbers are supposed to show me which letters to take, but none of the combinations make any sense. Take them from the passwords of the previous levels? From the user names? From the page titles? From the URLs? I’m kinda lost.

3) Yesterday I started listening to the audio book “Business @ the speed of thought” by Bill Gates. It has convinced me once again that Gates deserves respect as a business man, not as a computer scientist. And a related thought: he talks about electronic utility payment, e-commerce, high speed Internet and wireless connectivity in 1999 (when he published the book), but these things are still a rarity in Moldova and probably many other countries.

Not Pr0n

January 1, 2007

I’ve discovered a fascinating “game” on the web. It’s called NotPr0n – The Hardest Riddle Available on the Internet. I’m on level 12 right now, and I don’t think I’ll be going any further today, as I have no idea what to do next. That doesn’t mean I’m asking you to help, though! I want to do it myself!

If you want to try it, good luck!