Moldavian President Voronin to Opposition Party Leader: “Go Fuck Yourself.”

Today, in Parliament.

Go fuck yourself. What, you’re threatening us, boy? We’ll find some other ways to deal with you.

Moldova’s Parliament convened today in its first session following the July 2009 elections. These words were uttered by Moldova’s president in reaction to a speech by one of the opposition leaders.  The incident was obscured from the place the cameras were located, but multiple sound recordings are available.

Find below two videos of Vlad Filat’s speech and Mr. Voronin’s reactions. Vlad Filat is the president of the Liberal-Democratic Party, which gained 18 out of the 101 seats in Moldova’s newly elected Parliament. The LDP is one of  four member parties in the Alliance for European Integration, a coalition of forces controlling 53 seats in Parliament, and forming a majority over the 48 seats controlled by the pro-Russian Communist Party.

Here is a translated transcript of the clip above:

Filat: I would like to make an announcement. Honored colleagues — I am referring especially to the parliamentary group of the Communist Party. Do not try, and we ask you, do not attempt to boycott today’s session. The people…

Voronin: Go fuck yourself.

Filat: That’s his upbringing, and what this man [Voronin] is able to do. In case…

Voronin: Don’t you dare threaten us, boy. He’s thinking that…

Filat: That’s what we all wanted to hear. In case… [he makes a third attempt to continue his speech]

Voronin: We will find other ways to deal with you.

Filat: … we will continue the parliamentary session with the Alliance [for European Integration].

Speaker of the Parliament: Thank you. Please convey to the secretary…

[Alliance members of the Parliament applaud.]

[The Communist group leaves the room.]

Filat tells the journalists, “Today’s outburst [the president’s vulgar remarks] goes beyond any limit.”

Here is another video of the incident:

The Communist Party and its president Vladimir Voronin have been in power in Moldova for the last eight years, during which Moldova has sunk to being Europe’s poorest country, and has seen its neighbor Romania accede to the European Union. After the Communists’ possibly fraudulent win in April 2009’s parliamentary elections, street protests in the capital city of Chişinău turned violent and led to the destruction of the buildings of Parliament and Presidency. Evidence surfaced afterwards that the protesters were provoked by agents loyal to the party in power. After the parliament failed to elect a President (the Communists lacking a single vote), repeated elections were held in July.

Moldova has been separated from  Romania by the 1939 Ribbentrop-Molotov pact between Nazi Germany and the USSR. To this day, there is Russian military presence in a breakaway region near Moldova’s eastern border. With state-controlled media and a quarter of its working population employed abroad, Moldova is struggling between those nostalgic for the days of Stalin’s glory, and those who seek the promise of a better future inside the European Union.

2 Responses to Moldavian President Voronin to Opposition Party Leader: “Go Fuck Yourself.”

  1. Alex says:

    Hm… I can’t really hear Voronin, are there better recordings of that?

    Also, I’m not supporting him in any way, but I think a more correct translation is “Go screw yourself”. “Go fuck yourself” sounds more like “Poshel naxui” – which is rougher.

    Either wording is inappropriate for a _president_, man, what a loser he is, I can’t believe this.

  2. Constantin says:

    If I find a better recording I will post it. Meanwhile, journalists from multiple Moldavian agencies, as well as Russian Kommersant and Deutsche-Welle have pretty much confirmed what they heard. I’m not sure which of those are primary and which are secondary sources.

    About the rough translation — keep in mind that English curse words are generally much milder than Russian ones. You can use “fuck” as a filler word similarly to the way “blin” is used in Russian. If you want to translate “Poshel naxui” and get the same effect, you’ll have to go much higher than that.

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