I go to seek a Great Perhaps

I should probably write about this terrific book, or how testdisk saved my life the other day, or how I recently remembered three non-depressing songs I used to like years ago, or how good a translation challenge “mă apropii de pietre şi tac” is, or rant about why Moldova didn’t go to IOI this year… but instead I’ll just say:


This is surreal.

3 Responses to I go to seek a Great Perhaps

  1. Alex Railean says:

    Tell me more about your TestDisk experience – this is a cool tool and I like it, but on one occasion it failed to recover what I was looking for.

    When are you supposed to be in BOS? And when do you plan to return to KIV? (-:

  2. Constantin says:

    Basically you can’t trust Linux to modify the partition table more than one step at a time. The kernel “gets confused” and if you don’t restart after each change you’ll end up with a fubar’d partition table. I was scared that I lost my two data partitions, but then I ran testdisk (off a livecd) and it found the partitions and fixed the partition table. So I didn’t actually do data recovery, just partition table recovery ;-)
    I’m already in Boston (Medford actually) since the 24th, and I’ll probably return home for winter break.

  3. ilovemint says:

    Constantin! Where ARE you? come back.

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