Quotes from “Fourth Comings”

by Megan McCafferty.

Sequel to Charmed Thirds, sequel to Second Helpings, sequel to Sloppy Firsts.

And somewhat of a disappointment, although a necessary and unavoidable end-of-the-line (but not the series).

  • It’s been scientifically proven. The harder the conquest, the more you want it. It’s called frustration-attraction.
  • Putting feelings into words makes them so. Once words are spoken (or written…) they take on a greater significance.
  • What I envy most about you and everyone else heading back to school is the certainty of it all. You’ve got a prescribed set of requirements to guide you through the next few years. Focus your energy on the completion of those assignments and you will succeed. Guaranteed. Where’s my syllabus to guide me through life?
  • Many psych majors are analytical to a fault. It’s the nature of the beast, I suppose. But they do too much thinking and not enough doing.
  • (about untrue blogging) Because I’m so fucking boring! […] I’m not living this awesome, scandalous life. I’m living a boring, totally chaste life, and I’m required to wear hideously boring khakis and T-shirts while doing it!
  • But what is control, anyway?
  • I want the freedom to drink too much and throw up. I want the freedom to be a hypocrite. […] I want the freedom to make mistakes and not have you make me feel bad about them.
  • Studies have shown that happy people do not spend their hours contemplating the nature of happiness, because they are too busy being happy. The unexamined life, apparently, is worth living. Very much.

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