Shortcut: Delete an Entire Word

Before I began using VIM I didn’t care much that my typing habits were very inefficient, but now I’m looking everywhere for possible optimizations

There are two simple shortcuts that work on KDE, Gnome and (AFAIK) even Windows, and that will probably become second nature once you start using them. Perhaps they are regarded as common knowledge, but I’ve only stumbled across them this year.

Ctrl+Backspace deletes the last word.

Ctrl+Delete deletes the next word.

And of course Ctrl+W in bash (as in VIM) is very useful when the length of your command gets out of control.

2 Responses to Shortcut: Delete an Entire Word

  1. Alex says:

    I knew about Ctrl+Backspace, but did not know about Ctrl+Del, thanks!

    Yet another small step towards perfection :-)

  2. ceralbastru says:

    well i didn’t know it, thx .typing x or shift+x isn’t very effective endeed

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