Sorry about the mess I currently made of this blog. I updated the Code section (aka. Magic) and had to create a separate post for every config file that was listed there. The news here is:

  • I’ve become maintainer of the KCharSelect widget/utility app in KDE. I haven’t done much besides bragging yet, but I have some bug fixes (before 4.1) and features in mind.
  • With a little luck (and a lot of free time if I find it), I will begin porting Filelight to KDE 4.

In other weakly related news:

  • Theme change. Opinions?
  • Blogroll updated. Forget common sense.
  • I won’t be home until Monday. I’m going to make an ass of myself again in front of the unbeatable Romanian contestants at the .Campion final round
  • I’ve been pondering whether I should finally get my own domain + paid hosting soon. I decided that it’s not yet the time, since except for a few gotchas (can only upload certain file types, can’t change CSS), I’ve been really happy with the WordPress.com service.

Now, if this post is not random, than I don’t know what is!

One Response to Disorder

  1. Alex says:

    Nice theme, I was slightly confused, thinking I opened the wrong site. It looks good, because blue is better than red.

    Thanks for the blogroll, RandomVandal and PostSecret are now bookmarked, especially RandomVadal.

    Good luck at the competition. I saw the lists of participants, there are many entries from !(Romania|Moldova), ex: Colombia, Niger, Reunion… maybe you can kick their asses, even though their names sound “roumanish”… (-:

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