I Have No Idea

how to translate Paştele Blajinilor into English. In short, it’s the day we remember our dead, and it’s always one week after the Orthodox Easter. My family stuck to the tradition this year and visited my grandfather’s resting place in that big cemetery at the edge of the city.

A few thoughts:

  • I know this is not_nice, etc., but how can our departed continue to be annoying even after they die?! Do we have to make such a fuss about “remembering” them?
  • There were way too many policemen out there. Where’s one when you need one?
  • I’ve seen only one grave that really impressed me. And I didn’t even see it in real life. It’s featured on the covers of albums by Nightwish and Evanescence.

2 Responses to I Have No Idea

  1. Alex says:

    This sounds like a good candidate for a new translation challenge.

    It’s funny, but today I’ve processed some material about religion and its impact on us…

    You might want to be interested in a show called “HardTalk”, they have an interview with Richard Dawkins; you should watch him craft convincing arguments one after another… he rocks! Check your local torrent tracker ;-)

    I intend to upload other works by Dawkins, perhaps they will help others understand that “not_nice” is not not nice; it’s time to see things in a different way and use our ability reason.

    I hope my impact on humanity after my “being cast to void” will be of a different nature :-)

  2. Constantin says:

    I’m tired of hearing either side’s arguments, really, even if I might agree. Whose business is what I believe?
    I don’t know much about Dawkins (though I downloaded his book at one point), but any discussion on this topic reminds me of http://xkcd.com/386/

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