Mail from the US usually gets here in 7 days. So when it still wasn’t there in 3 weeks, I really began to panic.

And just now I found a letter addressed to me, in a doorless mailbox next to mine, WITH THE ENVELOPE TORN OPEN!

Now, when it comes like that, our Postal service puts a stamp saying it arrived damaged. This one had no such stamp, which means it was “damaged” after it was delivered!

My faith in mankind has suffered a heavy blow :(

3 Responses to Unbe*******lievable

  1. Radu says:

    ROFL…Welcome to a new kind of tension :)

  2. gr8dude says:

    Well, you can at least give them a call, ask why this happened, and file a complaint.

  3. Constantin says:

    my_trust_in_posta_moldovei – my_trust_in_my_neighbours > 0

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