What Title?

Here are some categories of people, and what they do on this [non]special day:

  • Those who hate it philosophically.
    They are the same people who refuse to celebrate New Year because it’s “just another night.”

    • It’s just a day like any other. It’s not special. Why should I show more love today than I usually do?
    • If today is more than yesterday, I’ll regret it tomorrow when everything gets back to normal.
  • Those who hate it personally.
    • bitterly
      as in sour grapes.

      • “Everybody hates me.”
      • VD stands not only for Valentine’s Day but also for Venereal Disease.
      • “Relax, it will only get worse.”
    • sadly
      • “Why do I miss someone I never met?” (Nightwish — Cadence of Her Last Breath)
      • System Of A Down — Lonely Day
      • Try to immerse themselves in any activity just to take their minds off their loneliness.
      • Breathe over cold glass to fog it and then draw a heart shape.
      • Stare at the 56% full moon.
    • secretly
      • Big fake smile.
      • “Of course I love this day.”
      • “Yeah but will you love me as much tomorrow?”
  • Those who enjoy it consciously.
    I.e. taking into account all that the philosophical haters know.

    • “OK, so this is a day just like any other. But since everyone else is having fun, why shouldn’t I?”
    • “Tomorrow doesn’t have to be less than today.”
  • Those who enjoy it in blissful ignorance.
    • “Philosophy? Cut the crap.”
    • “I love you today more than any other day.”
    • Brag to others about their superior status.
    • “OMG!! presents!!1!”

I’ll keep adding to this list as I figure out more stuff ;)

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