Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse

I think page-turner is the term to describe Stephenie Meyer’s series: the books are almost addictive, but when you look beneath the surface you see a pretty simple story that has nothing to do with real life. Midway through the second book I got really disappointed with the author. You can’t just go back and edit the truth like that.


  • When life offers you a dream so far beyond any of your expectations, it’s not reasonable to grieve when it comes to an end.
  • It was nice to be alone, not to have to smile and look pleased; a relief to stare dejectedly out the window at the sheeting rain and let just a few tears escape.
  • Darkness is so predictable.
  • Death shouldn’t be this uncomfortable.

New Moon:

  • I saw no reason for fear. I couldn’t imagine anything in the world that there was left to be afraid of, not physically at least. One of the few advantages of losing everything.
  • Between pain and nothing, I’d chosen nothing.
  • Then there would come the point in my dream—and I could feel it coming now, but could never seem to wake myself up before it hit—when I couldn’t remember what it was that I was searching for. When I realized that there was nothing to search for, and nothing to find. That there never had been anything more than just this empty, dreary wood, and there never would be anything more for me… nothing but nothing…
  • Forbidden to remember, terrified to forget […]
  • I hadn’t said one word that was a lie, but I should have lied. The truth was wrong, it would hurt him.
  • Happiness. It made the whole dying thing pretty bearable.
  • Like a fairy tale again, with deadlines that ended the magic.
  • It was heaven—right smack in the middle of hell.


  • Fire and Ice
  • Snorting was good; a voice couldn’t tremble or break during a snort.

17 Responses to Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse

  1. Bella 101 says:

    The first time I saw Twilight New Moon and Eclipse were amazing its like Bella said in the book there like a drug of hareoin. I really didnt care about the books until my friend told me it was a romantic love story.So I thought I wold try it out and I got hooked my friend let me barrow the book for the weekend and I finished it I felt like a freak at first until I read all of them I didnt care what people thought.It canged my life and what I thought of everything.

  2. Iris Hannah Gregory says:

    I really enjoyed the Twilight Series. I read all three books in three days, I loved them so much! My favorite book was Twilight, because that was when Isabella found out that Edward was a vampire, and because she sacrificed herself to save the Cullens. The second book, New Moon, was disappointing. Two-thirds of the book was Bella spending all her time with Jacob Black, and it was a bit boring. I only kept reading the second book because I knew Edward would come back and save Bella from her delusions. (I was hoping she’d turn into a vampire in this book!) The third book was my second favorite of the three. But, still, I was a little disappointed that Stephenie did not describe Bella becoming a vampire. I will admit, that was part, only part, of the reason I read the Twilight Series, and because I heard it was a wonderful series to read. I hope Stephenie writes a fourth (and describes Bella becoming a vampire!) and makes the Cullens face off against the werewolves or some new, mystic or magical enemy!

  3. Iris Gregory says:

    I really hope that Stephenie makes a fourth book. And, I really hope that a movie will be made out of this series, but EVERYBODY knows that books are so much better than movies!

  4. Constantin says:

    I agree that movies based on books are rarely worth watching.

    What disappointed me in the second book was Edward’s return. I know that most people expected it, but the book was supposed to be about *getting over* him. And books aren’t supposed to be soap operas.

  5. Isabella Swan says:

    First of all, in case you didn’t already find out, there is a fourth book. Go to Stephanie Myers website to see the countdown to the release date. Second of all, of course Edward was going to come back. Yes the whole point of the second book was to forget him, but keep in mind the point of the first book was to describe the inseparable, masochistic love between Bella and Edward. Wouldn’t it be a crappy series if he just altogether disappeared? I think so.

  6. Alice Cullen says:

    Books are supposed to be like Soap Operas. Why would you read a book if there’s no action? What makes it interesting if there’s nothing to stress over and there’s nothing to worry about? What makes it exciting and compelling? Literature is when an author tells a story about something the reader wants to read about. May I ask why you want to read about how this almost adult girl professes her love and feels sorry for herself? You just want to read a series a books about how depressed and sulky this girl is? You want this girl to ache for the rest of her fictional life? You would spend your time reading about that and get enjoyment out of it? Why would you want to watch movies about that? Do you just want to cry? Much more exciting things happen when Edward is around. It makes the book intoxicating to read about such events.

    And these movies hopefully will be good. Go to Stephenie Meyers website and browse. You’ll see that this series has brought about many other projects. There will be a fourth book called “Breaking Dawn”. It comes out August 2, 2008. The “Twilight” movie comes out in December of 2008. Stephenie Meyer is also writing a book called “Midnight Sun”. It is from Edward Cullen’s point of view.

  7. Constantin says:

    I respect that you have opinions different from mine.

  8. charu says:

    actually i really like the book and i think that you should make another one good luck

  9. im in luv with a fictional vampire says:

    i agree with alice cullen {he he} why would you want to read a book about someone who lost her one true love ? And if you really just want to read about depressing things then you should probaly make a appointment with a psychiatrist cause you are obviously masochistic lol this series rocks my socks off !!!

  10. Constantin says:

    Well if you’ve never read anything better, no wonder you can’t see the other side of things.

  11. ~*Brit*~ says:

    I couldn’t wait for Edward to come back in “New Moon.” I hoped he would through the whole book. I always thought he would. However, I became panicky about 12 chapters in because he was still GONE, & I began to doubt he would come back!

    On a separate note: Was anyone else upset that Bella ended up being in love with Jacob in “Eclipse”? I was kind of mad at Bella because her love for Edward was supposed to be SO strong. &, yes I know it IS possible to love two people at once, but it just didn’t sit well with me. Comments?

  12. Constantin says:

    I think Bella’s “love” for Jacob was just a way for the author to make the story a bit longer. I don’t think it was planned from the beginning.

  13. aru invalle says:

    this is for the curious people in the world. first of all when you are “born” into a vampire your senses are very strong you sometimes want to attack someone it helps if you are in a very big forest you sense to hunt is strong

  14. says:

    First Of All, Yea Constantin! You Know What You’re Talking About.
    Bella Bugs Me A Little, What With Her Horrible Disregard For Her Personal Safety, And Her Compulsive Obsessive-ness With Edward. But, I Gotta Say, The Books Are Addicting. The Fourth One Rocks; I Won’t Give It Away. Good Books… Good Books.

    And For Those Who Are Unhealthily Besotted With The Books, A Word Of Advice::
    Get A Life.

  15. mucho gusto says:


  16. laaalaaa says:

    i love these books!
    they rock, read them!!!

  17. chanda says:

    im sorry i think its just me but after i read eclipse i wanted to fling it acroos the room and scream my lungs out
    i was pretty excited to be getting it too but once i read it,it almost completely ruined my belief in her love for edward if she could sooooo easily forget about him when near that ……PUPPY?
    gggrrrr how can she not realize that she was …in….love with that thing?even in the other books it seems the girl is slow especialy considering the overwhelming feelings she had for him im pissed i dont ever wanna touch that book again i would almost completely lose faith in stephenie meyer if it wasnt for the movie
    the books are tainted with bella betrayel

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