Quotes from “Lord Foul’s Bane”

This is one of those books that will seem extremely boring to some and utterly enthralling to others. To me it seemed a bit too long and sometimes too easy to give up. I felt a certain compassion for the main character, outcast from society and forced to find solace in an imaginary world. But at the same time I thought the ending was too short and artificial.

These quotes are an attempt to show that the author is good with words:

  • Darkness withers the heart.
  • … his voice remembered that he was old.
  • The next morning, the sun came up like a wound into ashen skies. Gray clouds overhung the earth, and a shuddering wind fell like a groan from the slopes of Mount Thunder. Across the wasteland, the pools of rainwater began to stagnate, as if the ground refused to drink the moisture, leaving it to rot instead.
  • Dim shadows shifted like fear and resolution across Prothall’s face.

One Response to Quotes from “Lord Foul’s Bane”

  1. Joe says:

    Lord Foul’s Bane was one of the first fantasy novels I ever read. I’ve read it twice since but I think that the latest one (Against All Things Ending) is even better with words.

    I’m doing a linguistic analysis (on my site) on parts from both of the books if you’re interested in how he puts the words together.



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