Three syllables that describe what I’ve been feeling a lot of lately.

Just the other day I was reading some article which claimed that everything in life feels clumsy the first time you do it. It didn’t strike me as particularly meaningful at the time, but tonight I realized something. As I was raising a glass of wine for a nondescript occasion at supper, I said the usual “cheers” (in Romanian of course), and I was surprised to notice how automatic it felt, almost without thinking! This is not to say that I drink often or anything, in fact I never got drunk in my life, and I regret it sometimes. But it made me recall the first time I was offered a glass and had to say “cheers.” It felt extremely awkward, like it was the stupidest thing on Earth to say and I was the grandest idiot in the world to say it.

Time passed, cells multiplied, thoughts got shifted. And something awkward turned into something trivial. I should learn from that…

4 Responses to Awk-ward-ness

  1. binaryfire says:

    That thing reminds me of I when I was little , it seemed very strange for me to salute somebody with “serus” in stead of “salut” , but as I grew up it seemed very okay “serus” too :) .

  2. binaryfire says:

    Sorry I thought you know this form of salute , I believed that it was extremely used and maybe you encountered it , but as I researched a little bit I found that it is only used commonly in the part of Romania called “Ardeal” . And one little mistake that I made , it’s “servus” but you can say “serus” too . Here you can find a Romanian article about “servus”.

  3. Constantin says:

    One more new thing I learned today :)

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