In this white night fantasy

The room is completely quiet, except for the sounds of our calm breathing, your bare steps on the warm wooden floor, and the crackling of the fire under the mantelpiece. Time melts in this warmness. There is no TV to shout the seconds; no city around us to tantalize us with its fireworks. Only the velvet night, softly uncurling itself around us. The faint light wavers with our every move, as if the candles were playing a game of their own, teasing us.

Maybe the young usurper already dethroned the old king; that is of least importance. Knowing that we have the night is enough. In the dark, we are safe. In the dark, we can forgive, not forbid.

I catch my mind wondering and already I lost track of what you were doing. Yes, you were adding more wood to the fire. Now you turn toward me, your eyes seeking mine, with that innocent look of yours that always makes me feel like molten chocolate inside. Your pupils are wide in the darkness. You thrust your head back in a slow, relaxed gesture, and the fire creates fairy tales of light in your hair.

I have been moving towards you unconsciously. You step closer. Our eyes are locked in a knot that not even Alexander the Great could cut loose. Closer. I can decipher the desire beneath your robes. Closer. Your flowery scent finds its way towards my nostrils. Closer. I could reach you with my hand. Closer. The warmness of your breath sends a shudder through my spine. Closer. My eyes can no longer focus on yours. Closer… Our lips meet, as the room crumbles somewhere in the distance, and it feels like our raw souls are melting together.


Brutal clinks of crystal make me snap back to reality. I am not with you, in a secluded mansion with candles and a fireplace. No, I am with my folks, meeting the New Year, and the TV is blaring in the background.

I must keep my composure lest they ask me what’s wrong.


(what follows is no longer part of the story)

This is the first page of the new… something. It feels strange because I have never put anything like this into words before. I haven’t laid out any plans for the plot yet (if there’s going to be any plot at all), but not every story will be… like this.

Ideally, this should be read very slowly, pausing for a full second after every period and at least for three seconds after each paragraph. Ideally, the piano would play in the background.

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  1. Alex Railean says:

    Wow, I am impressed.

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