1 year, 2 days

Exactly 1 year and 2 days ago I wrote my first post here. It’s funny how the greatest of epiphanies seem to happen to me at the end of years. Here’s what the front page of my blog used to say only days ago:

You are forbidden to read any further unless you know how to enjoy the miracle of life. No, I don’t need proof. Prove it to yourself. Quoting someone famous, When you got me figured out, tell me about me; I’ll be interested.
Welcome to my place on the Web.

Now, step back, take a deep breath, and repeat after me: THIS IS SO FAKE!

If you don’t see why, I’ll explain later. I intend to write a series of stories in which I will tell you stuff in such a way that you won’t know whether they are really about me or not. So brace yourself ;)

Before I digress too far, I want to get back to what this post is all about. You! Thank you for reading, regardless of whether you’ve been here from the beginning or this is your first visit here. In the year of the rat I promise not to abandon this blog to the rodents!

One Response to 1 year, 2 days

  1. Alex says:

    Looking forward to the new stories. Have fun writing them! And have an efficient 2008.

    I will post an official press release on my site soon, you are in the target audience as well, so check it out (in a few hours).

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