Requiem for a Dream

I decided I’ll watch the movie after seeing certain people obsessing over it. Out of everything that I’ve seen, this one is the most shocking. A movie about addiction, obsession and madness, it depicts the downward-spiraling lives of four characters symbolically connected to three seasons:

  • Summer (the dream; high hopes)
  • Fall (the downfall)
  • Winter (the requiem; hitting the bottom)

There is no Spring, no rebirth, no Phoenix of hope. But that is exactly the point of the movie; a happy ending would have ruined everything. I felt as if I were falling throughout the 102 minutes of it; and the end left me stranded; in shock. I will not watch anything else until this sinks in. Just like I don’t want to read anything “serious” for a while after this.

Aside from the flawless acting and the painfully powerful idea/message, this movie impresses with much more. The director uses unusual techniques for some of the tense moments, such as very short shots repeated over and over in only a few seconds, and lots of split screens. The soundtrack is, again, outstanding. The theme, Lux Aeterna (listen here), is a composition that will drag you back into the movie with surprising force. It is a reiteration of the plot in less than four minutes: starting slowly, reaching its first climax of hope and beatitude, falling, then rising again with a kind of desperate hope, then falling, quickly and definitely.

And finally, the web site is a work of art in itself. Before, you could say I hated flash; well, not anymore. But it makes sense only after you watch the movie.

Someday, I also want to read the novel the film is based on.

4 Responses to Requiem for a Dream

  1. the book must be genius too, and you were right about the main theme, but just listen to the entire soundtrack…this summer i was lying in bed, playing the ost on repeat, and everything seemed to just crumble, to drag me back to the movie. it’s a daunting movie indeed, it kinda threw me into a long depression, because it’s such a damn good work of art. of course, i might be subjective, but i simply can’t get enough of it…

  2. Constantin says:

    Just listened to the entire soundtrack again. True; it’s enthralling. I could see those pupils dilating all over again. And the hand… ugh!
    But I will vary my playlist before I reach the point where I am overwhelmed by the music.

  3. ammelie says:

    Mi-a placut si mie foarte mult filmul. E unul din acelea pe care nu ai cum sa le uiti, isi lasa amprenta asupra ta. Iti recomand si “Trainspotting”, cred k o sa iti placa.

  4. Constantin says:

    Mersi; am sa-l caut.

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