V for Vendetta revisited

ideas are bulletproofLast night I decided to watch V for Vendetta for a second time. The first time I’ve seen it, not long after its release, the movie failed to impress me. This time, the same flaws jumped to my eyes: bad (fake) acting here and there and too many special effects.

But the movie makes much more sense after having read 1984. Its ending is ruined by the fact that it’s happy / hopeful. Say what you will, but I still believe that 1984’s gloomy ending makes the strong final impression necessary to such a book. Happy endings always leave me feeling empty inside.

PS. For a parade of hidden V / 5 symbolism, check the Wikipedia page. Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici.

2 Responses to V for Vendetta revisited

  1. decembered says:

    Disagree about fake playing (although there are a few moments seemingly unnecessary), and a ‘lot’ of special fx there, – except some demolition and rare blood splatters there are few, and they aren’t the point, I guess. The main character’s demise doesn’t make the film’s ending that happy, although, of course, it is certainly not 1984-themed movie, and apparently it wasn’t intended to be; what IS the point – that the fear CAN be overcome. and that the tyrannical Power is all about fear, – stems from it, feeds on it, and falls as soon as fear’s gone.

    1984 is about power, either – yet I don’t think they can (and should be) compared at all.

    V shows there is an exit. 1984 shows there’s a point of no return.
    V shows that humane spirit can be awaken, against all odds.

    1984 shows humane spirit isn’t immortal.

  2. Constantin says:

    Special effects appeal to some people and repel others.

    I can see your point of view, but I think fear also has its place in 1984. Both the book and the movie reflect a totalitarian society in which a certain form of resistance exists. That’s what led me to compare them. In the movie, the resistance obtains victory. In the book, all hope is lost. That’s what makes the book more shocking and impressive.

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