Riddle of the Day (7)

Blame me for phrasing such a bizarre question ;)

What’s wrong with ‘TOP SECRET’?

The answer in 86400 seconds, as usual.

The very late answer to the first riddle that remained unsolved (my fault for a crazy question) ;)

If you ask me, writing ‘TOP SECRET’ on a document is wrong because it acts like an invitation to read it. If you had 10 pages in front of you and only had the time to read one, would you rather read one that said ‘TOP SECRET’ or a plain one?

In other words, this goes completely against steganography. Of course, this is just my opinion and I am completely ignorant of any corporate rules that force ‘TOP SECRET’ stamps on documents…

7 Responses to Riddle of the Day (7)

  1. Alex says:

    I am sorry, but I think I [don’t] know the answer (-:

    Seconds converted to hours result in something, which (if added to “today” at 0000) results in something else.

    This “something else” is different for each of us, but there are many other people on the planet who share the same “something else” with you. I am not one of them, but I’m pretty close, all you have to do is add 1296000 seconds to your “something else” in order to obtain “my something else”.

    I don’t like “my something else”, in fact I wish I could skip over it automagically; life would be so much easier then… If I am correct, then “TOP SECRET” = “something else”, and if you’re like me – everything is wrong about it (-:

    Now, this is a correct answer from my perspective, but it’s probably wrong in the long run, because it only makes sense if someone is in my shoes. Taking into account that other readers are not [in my shoes], they will fail to answer the question, so it would be foolish of you to post such a “context- and shoe-dependent” question. Which is why I think the real answer is different, but too much text was written by now, so it’s too late to go back (-:

  2. Constantin says:

    Gee, it took me quite some time to figure out what you meant ;) Finally my search led me back to your site / blog. I think your comment would turn into a great article on WHY you don’t like “your something else” and other similar days.
    The answer, however, is unrelated to any particular date.

    HINT: What jumps to mind when you read the phrase “TOP SECRET”? Don’t look for a “too deep” meaning ;)

  3. Alex Railean says:

    The first thing that came to my mind is “Toppsy Krets”(?) from “The number 23” (-:

    The second idea is “the name of a girl you like”. When it happens to me, I feel a bit selfish because I don’t want to share my discovery with the world – so it’s top secret. After a delta(t) I turn into the opposite of myself, and I want to tell the whole world about her.

    I believe neither of the above is the answer :-) I can further refine that and guess that I am by definition unable to answer this question (see the story about browsers and orange juice).

    Since we are getting close to the milestone, Unccl oveguqnl! V ubcr bar qnl jr pna zrrg naq unir sha va gur erny jbeyq, cynlvat n sbbgonyy tnzr; onqzvagba? tb gb n zbivr jvgu bgure sbyxf? znlor n zhfvp pbapreg? Purref!

  4. Alex Railean says:

    So when are you posting the answer?

  5. Constantin says:

    Sorry for the suspense.

  6. Alex says:

    I agree with the general idea; but some things are indeed still blurry.

    Maybe the ‘top secret’ label is a warning that says “if you read this, you become liable”, so it’s up to you to choose not to read the doc and deliver it to the authorities instead. But then, will they believe you when you say “no, I haven’t read it”? I guess not.

  7. Hallowell says:

    nice, is it ok if i use this on one my posts?

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