7 Things I Didn’t Know Last Month… (September)

… about myself:

  1. My two favorite scents are that of rain and that of melons.
  2. I find it a lot easier to talk with people behind a wall of electronics than face-to-face. (bad bad bad!)
  3. I feel a certain amount of sadistic pleasure when saying ‘Bună ziua’ to neighbors of mine who speak Russian only.
  4. I like how British English sounds, but I never use it in written.

…and about the world:

  1. Telepathy _does_ work, but it only gives glimpses of someone else’s emotions. Full thoughts are impossible to discern with an untrained mind’s eye.
  2. Your teeth will go bad no matter how often you brush them or how often you visit the dentist.
  3. School bureaucracy is easy to fool.

4 Responses to 7 Things I Didn’t Know Last Month… (September)

  1. World_in_wireframe says:

    These were mine or yours? ;)
    By the way, good luck at SAT and TOEFL tests.

  2. Constantin says:

    Heh, good point :D
    and thanks!

  3. 7radu says:

    The last one is good. How’d you know? :)

  4. Constantin says:

    Trial and error my friend, trial and error…

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