7 Things I Didn’t Know Last Month… (August)

…about me.

  1. I cope with failure pretty easily. Too easily perhaps. Getting over the muckup at the IOI and the shattering of 1.5 of my dreams took no more than strong music and a few hours alone. No suicide thoughts, no depression like I had before…
  2. I have strong opinions on some subjects, sometimes so strong that I stubbornly continue to support them against all valid arguments. In other areas I let myself “go with the wave” and can switch sides in a heartbeat.
  3. Sometimes I ask people things which either (1) I know they will agree out of politeness; or (2) I know they will not let me do for them out of the same stupid politeness. I guess I ask just to feel secure myself. How egoistical.
  4. I give a ‘Thank You’ too easily sometimes, and at other times I seem to forget how to pronounce the words.
  5. I envy some people which are better than me in certain areas, instead of letting them serve as examples and ideals for my own actions. Stupid!
  6. I have a problem with self-discipline and procrastinate easily. When I finally finish something minor I tell myself that I did enough for the day, and waste the rest of it. I get distracted a lot.
  7. I listen to a lot of audio-books. I only noticed this when I had to burn some on DVDs in order to free disk space. The time interval between finishing one audio book and starting another may be anything between 1 minute and 1 day.

Hmm. Only ~1.5 of these are positive traits. But at least I know them now! Awareness is the key to success… Bla-bla-bla you know the story. I encourage you to keep an eye out for such observations and try to do a similar exercise monthly. If you have a blog and like to share, drop me a link!

Good luck at school, everyone!

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