Long Hair…

  • looks great
  • lets you shake your head like a wet dog :P


  • takes more time to comb
  • feels really uncomfortable, especially under a {cap, hat, whatever}
  • seems to need washing more often
  • stands in the way of headphones

4 Responses to Long Hair…

  1. binaryfire says:

    Having long hair is really cool :D , I’ve cut my hair a while ago and I really felt that something was wrong after looking at my new hair-cut :( , but in my case I don’t look that good with long hair unfortunately :( .
    Hey if you went to IOI 2007 , surely you met wefgef , he really has long hair in his case maybe big would be correct :) .

  2. Constantin says:

    Yeah I met him :) I don’t know how long he has had it like that, but I suppose it comes at a price. Wouldn’t he feel relieved if he cut it? ;)

  3. binaryfire says:

    Hm , I don’t know , maybe :) , but with that hair he is a little bit unique that’s for sure :D.

  4. dragos2p says:

    it’s great to have long hair, not all the time
    but looks great and gives you something special, that’s for sure :)

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