Medals come in small DIFFs

Want to know just how big an idiot I am? Just look at the changes it took to transform a 10-point solution into a 100-point one. Sheesh.


I guess I can’t learn from other people‘s mistakes.

Life’s not meant to be easy;
Find justice for what you love…

3 Responses to Medals come in small DIFFs

  1. Radu says:

    According to your previous post regarding your points, you would have gotten 258 points totally if your first task would have been evaluated at 100 and not at 10.

    258 points means a sure bronze medal or possibly a silver one (according to :)

  2. Constantin says:

    I can do the math…

  3. Radu says:

    Never doubted you can. Just making it public. You did a great job anyway.

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