Riddle of the Day (4)

This one won’t be so easy, I suppose:

What is the WTF on this page?
PS. Bonus points for two WTFs detected!

For those who don’t know, a WTF is something utterly stupid / ridiculous. Check this link for some samples (especially the Error’d posts.)

Answer: As World_in_wireframe observed, the purpose of a captcha is to make it harder for automated scripts to submit forms. Having it in plain text and thus copiable defeats its purpose completely. WTF :)

The other WTF I thought about was the fact that it doesn’t seem to be required to enter the digits at all (doesn’t have the compulsory asterisk.) The grammar issues are candidates as well, although I didn’t notice them at first (shame on me!)

4 Responses to Riddle of the Day (4)

  1. Alex says:

    One WTF is that they write “autentificativa” instead of “autentificati-va”. The other is that not all the diacritics are present. But I guess this is not what you have in mind, is it? (-;

    Well, the other WTFs I probably can’t see because I don’t have a Flash plugin, so the WTFs are not rendered on my PC (-:

  2. Constantin says:

    I am not EVIL enough to tell you to install flash ;)

  3. World_in_wireframe says:

    Their code is so interesing, maybe I don’t “travel” alot but this is the first time when i run into a code that can be actually copied and pasted into the input bar above it.

  4. Constantin says:

    Bingo!! Good job :D

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