Riddle of the Day (3)

After a long silence, the riddles are back:

How can one legally enter Croatia through the city of Zagreb, which is not on the country border?

The answer I thought of was “by plane”, as Freemind correctly said. By landing in the Zagreb airport one can legally indicate “Zagreb” as the point of entry in the country.

I must admit I haven’t thought of IRC, but it’s not a physical means of transportation, unless you’re a mad scientist ;)

3 Responses to Riddle of the Day (3)

  1. Freemind says:

    Hm, unless you consider “by plane” as not valid, I think it should work…

  2. World_in_wireframe says:

    well, by IRC, i guess :)

  3. Constantin says:

    The answer is out. It wasn’t too hard, was it? Brace yourself for the next one ;)

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