Diaries of the Last Dreamer

Hello, world.

If you’re wondering what I’ve been doing the last two weeks or so, except enjoying the summer holiday and not preparing for the IOI like I should, here’s the answer: I’ve been working on a book.

Keywords: life, fear, love, dream, fantasy, freedom, death, the Universe.

Read it if you please. It shouldn’t take you more than half an hour. I would really appreciate it if you took the time to write comments afterwards, telling me what you think of it, how boring you find it on a scale from 0 to 10, and so on.

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Thank you.

15 Responses to Diaries of the Last Dreamer

  1. World_in_wireframe says:

    Bravo! – couldn’t prevent me from saying something in one language that makes me speak with a sense of more meaning.
    “De ce ma minti?” , well, this part made me understand that you’re talking about real actions an people, there could be a Truth in it ;) ,at least (despite you said that). Well you put some good points in it, but at same time too much of yourself. I think is great, it was an interesting experience for me, knowing you as a person maybe influenced me… But still, my opinion – a great work.

  2. Constantin says:

    but at same time too much of yourself.

    Please explain this to me :)

  3. World_in_wireframe says:

    As a good acquaintance of mine, I can see some parts which are clearly you in it, from your beliefs to some of deeds which you wrote in it and actually would happen so. Sometimes i was confused wile reading it, thinking that might be something real, because it was so, how can I say, like you!
    That’s not a bad thing, don’t get me wrong, despite the “but” that I’ve put before it in the previous comment.
    ” and Microsoft products”… oh, that’s final.
    Is related so much with your live, that, i must say, next time I’ll could involuntary look at you with a little changed view of yourself in my conception, not in the bad way, of course.

  4. Constantin says:

    I can see what you mean. You didn’t expect to find /me/ in a work that claims to be fictional.
    Anyway, note that the Acknowledgments and the Afterword (it’s an afterword, not an epilogue) are written by ME. The rest is, allegedly, written by “the dreamer.”
    I meant it to be confusing as to what is real and what is fiction ;)

  5. Alex says:

    I read the story and I liked it a lot. I am very surprised… [wait, I am not] that your story analyses things of which I also think very often. Really, there has to be some sort of a connection between us, because at times I could say “hmm, I could have written this too”, or “did someone just take a screenshot of my thoughts?”

    I like that you are focused on analyzing the social connections between people (especially that one of the persons from the connection is a person of ‘our type’).

    If you see the ‘reading material’ section on my site, you’ll find “The inevitable return of the finger” an interesting read. It’s focused on ~the same subject, and the other difference is that I use a different type of drugs (-: You will probably like “Select …” and “Ctrl+Z”.

    Hmm.. I’m glad that I’m not alone, therefore it is now more likely that I am NOT crazy. I hope you’ll write other stuff too.

  6. Alex says:

    Ok, I knew I wanted to say more and that I’d forget some details. Perhaps I am justifying my own behaviour (-: but perhaps not.

    There was a fragment about two persons sitting together, both seem to like each other but either of them hesitating to make ‘the move’. We can’t really judge them, as we don’t know the entire story. For details, take a look at the ‘fun with charts’ section of “Ctrl+Z”, it focuses on the exact same problem, although it tackles it from a slightly different point.

    Also, my attention was captured by “He can’t use the information against me, right?”. Wow! Some time ago I made a research (which included some statistics) and I concluded that people are more likely to trust a stranger than a familiar person, because of the “can’t use against me” factor.

    Well, there are many things I’d like to say, but there is not enough space for that, and it would not be fair if I only mentioned some things, but not other things.

    Once again, well done.

  7. Constantin says:

    Your ninger.pdf was, in fact, one of the things that convinced me that this stuff is worth writing out and not just keeping in my head, so double thanks!

    [OT] The other thing that convinced me was the increasing number of items in ~/blog/bits&pieces/. Whenever I come across / invent a {phrase, motto, rhyme} that I really like, I dump it in a file there. Some parts of the story, including
    * the walk in the park / talk about fears
    * “wide horizons” vs. “narrow dreams”
    * the “domine dirige nos” thing
    have started out as unrelated pieces in that directory ;)

  8. Artur says:

    hey man… i need a non-PDF, non-on-line copy of this thing =)

  9. Constantin says:

    You mean a printed copy? I don’t have that :)
    This praise and all are nice, but how about you tell me what you liked less, too? ;)

  10. Artur says:

    Perhaps we people don’t dream in images. That
    would explain the lack of any visual details. Perhaps we
    dream in emotions. And sounds…. i like that thought =)

    “– It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to
    live12.” – Joanne, I hope you don’t mind…. i remember this… =)

    All that i liked less i allready forgot =), guess there were too many good things.

  11. mihaelams1 says:

    Finally I found some time to read it and I don’t regret the minutes lost. It has helped me understand myself better, it has opened my eyes and allowed me to see my fears and secret thoughts from another angle. I don’t think it will change me though, because it is in my blood to be shy and not to trust other people, to be always afraid of consequences and to take off the mask only when alone. But it has showed me the fact that being a “dreamer” is not a quality to be ashamed with. Why don’t live with our dreams, why don’t live with the books we read (as in my case)? Why don’t try to forget the reality if it isn’t the one we are longing to see! It’s a new world we create inside us, a whole world for a single person, a little universe that can’t deceive its wielder.
    Don’t pay too much attention to the words above, they were just a revolt of my soul who found some free space to write into and the revolt of my hands who are just too lazy to press the usual Del.
    I hope I’m free to recommend this book to others. I’m not a psychologist (thanks god (don’t know which)), but I think there are some people who just need to read it.
    P.S. Nice cover :)

  12. Constantin says:

    I think it is unfair to consider that anything is “in your blood”. People can, and should, change, if that’s what they want. (but I’m no psychiatrist either!)
    I’m glad you liked it. Feel free to recommend it to whoever you want. That’s one reason it’s posted on the Internet ;)

  13. Olesea says:

    Amazing style of writing! Amazing and very inspiring story!!!!
    I LOVE IT!!

  14. I like the your English and your story-telling brains. Congrats!
    The book felt like a bunch of clean-cut movie scenes with nice reflections and afterthoughts. Maybe it’s because it misses the usual long descriptions?

    I’m not a well-read person. Your story reminded me of Richard Bach and Coelho (though the footnote makes it …uhmm, obvious).

    What do you read?
    How do you learn how to write (in English)?

  15. Constantin says:

    I have discovered a passion for audio books and that is how I “read,” mostly ;)
    I don’t have a favorite genre, but I am quickly bored with books on politics / economics / history.
    Here’s a painfully out-of-date list: https://ascending.wordpress.com/about/books/

    About writing, I’m not entirely sure. I just try to remember the well-sounding phrases I come across ;) Grades 5 through 9, I also had the best teacher of Romanian in the world, so I guess I owe a great deal to her.

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