The air is on fire;
No leaf dares to move.
Degrees ascend higher;
Up and through the roof.

Bright Queen of the Solstice,
She wreaks steaming death.
The red flames contrast with
Parched meadows of Earth.

Escaping confinement,
Quicksilver expands.
Further redefining
The havoc it makes.

In other news, I will be away from home again for about 10 days, internet-less again.

2 Responses to Drought

  1. World_in_wireframes says:

    Outstanding creation! Sorry I’ve been “out” for a while, I had to focus on this project of mine, and at last I can see the light at the end of the tunnel , this light is of course the entrance to a bigger cave, but, that’s life, even when you die you see such a thing ;) , about the poetry, I relished every line, as always, and lived it as well, I guess we all did :) … good thing that those days are behind us, I hope.
    Keep the good work going, as you always did.

  2. Constantin says:

    Thanks, I just got home an hour ago, so you’re not the only one who’s been absent (one way or another) :)

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