Riddle of the Day (1)

unknown128.pngToday I’m starting a series of posts dedicated to puzzle-solving. Every day (if possible), I will come up with a new riddle and post it on my blog, asking you to answer via comments. The “official” answer will be disclosed the day after.

So here’s the first edition of the Riddle of the Day:

What is the shortest language in the world?

OK, truth time. It was C. The shortest – only one letter. Ruby is 4, Python is 6, Romanian is 8 ;) Please don’t argue that there is also B, D and R, because C is the only obvious one-letter language. Alex succeeded in reaching the answer, but tried to look for deeper meaning where there was none.

11 Responses to Riddle of the Day (1)

  1. Vultoor says:

    do you mean programming language? :)

  2. Constantin says:

    No hints till tomorrow :P

  3. Vultoor says:

    Anyway :) if u mean a programming lang then I THINK it’s Ruby :-| :-? :-/

  4. Alex says:

    If it’s programming, it can be one of those “one-letter” ones, such as C.
    An alternative answer could be Brainfuck, it uses only 5 characters, if I recall correctly (+-;)

    But something tells me this has nothing to do with programming, it’s either a human language, or a tricky question with an abstract answer.

    I think making up riddles is cool, I’ll definitely keep my eye on this story.

    And in this context, you might be interested in: http://ralien.nytka.org/index.php/2007/01/13/ghicitori

  5. Alex says:

    In the previous post, the other characters are “less than” and “greater than”, but they were meticulously removed by WordPress :-)

    Make IT Secure!

  6. Constantin says:

    Just use “>” and “<” next time ;) Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Regarding the answer to the riddle – I’ll let it taunt some more.

  7. Alex says:

    – the language spoken by babies
    – the binary code
    – Romanian (-:

  8. Constantin says:

    Chiar crezi ca ai sa gasesti raspunsul asa? Sa te vad!

  9. Constantin says:

    The answer is out ;)
    BTW why Romanian?

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