To live or not to leave?

In a futile attempt to convince myself of how much I love this country, I’ve tried to come up with some advantages of living in Moldova.

  • Housing, food (life?) is cheaper.
  • Commercial software is free (as in beer, and probably not for too long).
  • One can download almost any movie, book or music album at no cost (again, this will not be the case forever).
  • The legal apparatus is far from integrity (i.e. full of what we call corruption), so if you ever plan of doing something against the law, you actually have a chance here.
  • DVD ripping is not illegal here. (USA != freedom)
  • Starting a business supposedly has more chances of success, since a lot of stuff is still missing here (though you may need to please a few people before you’re allowed to start your venture).

Before you ask: There’s no typo in the title ;)

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