MaxDSL, finally!

I got connected to Moldtelecom’s DSL service at last. Seeing Azureus download (from Moldova) at 250kB/s was really great!

An unexpected inconvenience was that you need to log-in every time you restart your computer. I wasn’t aware that would be necessary. But with Konqueror remembering usernames and passwords that’s really a non-issue.

An unforeseen advantage is the separation of incoming and outgoing bandwidth. The upload speed for external networks is higher than download speed, so limiting upload to 1kB/s is no longer necessary for external torrents to obtain reasonable speed ;)

3 Responses to MaxDSL, finally!

  1. Alex says:

    Congrats with the new connection.

    You can (probably) solve the problem with logging on by writing a simple script that will do that for you. Python is a great tool for such a job; but I’m not sure whether this is trivial, easy, a bit difficult, or hitech, because I have no idea how their logon form works. Do they use HTTPS?

    I found out that in their case the upload rate is always greater than the download rate, which seems counter-intuitive. My friends and I concluded their network administrator doesn’t know how to throttle uploads (-:

  2. Constantin says:

    they don’t use HTTPS, but they seem to use a bunch of JavaScript. :roll:
    A thing that struck me as odd was that the title of the page says “Cisco Subscriber Edge Services Manager”. That says a lot, I suppose ;)

  3. Alex says:

    Cisco to Moldtelecom: All your bases are belong to us!

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