No time…

Hello again. You thought I was dead, didn’t you? Well, I’m not ;)

I just returned from Romania this afternoon and I’m still pondering whether to go to school tomorrow or not. I have participated, with little success, at the .Campion programming contest’s final round. Scoring 110 points out of 300, I (and two more people with the same number of points) ended up sixth in the listing. Two of the three problems relied heavily on mathematics, so I had really thin chances… The problems and official solutions will (hopefully) appear soon on the site, so watch it closely if you’re interested.

In other (less gloomy) news, the National (or, as they call it, Republican) Olympiad in Informatics took place last week, and I managed to get the first prize, though I’m sorry to say that Moldavian problems can hardly be compared to the challenges posed in International Olympiads. The final results here, and the problems and solutions will be posted some day too, lest the ministry forget. The team selection tests should be organized some time the following weeks.

All in all, I intend to give this blog more attention now that I’m back. Have a nice Sunday evening!

Later Edit:

It looks like the ASEM newspaper “Curierul Economic” printed a piece containing some stuff about me. The truth is, they never actually interviewed me as they claim they did. This reminds me of the Daily Prophet :)

If you don’t know what the Daily Prophet is, you ought to stop denying the child in you ;)

2 Responses to No time…

  1. Radu says:

    Have any link to the article about you?

  2. Constantin says:

    No link, sorry. They haven’t evolved since paper ;)

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