Enjoy The Silence…

Many audio books are split into tiny pieces of 1-2MB (under 10 minutes). This has bothered me for quite some time, as my DAP has a nasty habit of not playing the last few seconds of files, thus making it impossible to hear the last words. Today I decided to do something about it. I expected powerful tools like mplayer/mencoder to have an option for this kind of thing, but wasn’t able to find one. So I went for the hard way: I created a file with 0.5 seconds of silence (with Audacity), and manually appended it to each and every of the 100+ files (with qwavjoin, which is part of the quelcom package). I made a bash script for automating it (and converting to OGG right away). Note that to merge two WAV files they need to be the exact same format (i.e. the same sampling rate and number of channels). If the stereo, 22050Hz “silence file” I used doesn’t work, you’ll need to create your own. You can see this script and some other stuff in the Magic section.

Good luck and happy listening ;)


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