Nightwish’s Frightening Joke

cover.jpgOn their official site, Nightwish announced the release of a new album, Faster Harder Nightwish. A 7-track promo version of the album was leaked to peer-to-peer networks. The music is very unlike Nightwish, way too heavy for my taste. I was disappointed when I first downloaded it today, but then I’ve read on Wikipedia that it’s just an April Fool’s joke (it was announced on April the 1st). What a relief!

The real new album will be released in September. After Nightwish’s vocalist, Tarja Turunen, left the band in 2005, they have been constantly looking for a new member. It is still unknown who has become their choice.

2 Responses to Nightwish’s Frightening Joke

  1. SeVen says:

    This is NOT nightwish, idiots.

  2. Constantin says:

    Obviously you didn’t even bother to read the title; much less the text itself :P

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