Pleased to meet you, VIM

Last week I started learning VIM, the text editor for programmers. VIM stands for VI Improved, but the dictionary says vim also means power, force, energy. From my very limited experience, I can assure you that learning vim is not quick and easy, but it promises great rewards once you’ve become accustomed to it. I’ve just grasped the basics these days, and whichever way I look I see more and more to learn. Here’s a list of links I’ve found useful, in case you want to make your first step towards conquering vim ;)

Some of the nicest vim features I’ve discovered so far:

  • The :make command (if you have a Makefile in the current directory you needn’t compile your program manually anymore. Best of all, you can also map this action to a key like F9, and accelerate the whole process!)
  • Syntax highlighting (activated by the :syntax on command, and fine-tuned for my tastes by another :set background=dark)
  • Automatic C-style indentation (activated by :set cindent, it forces you to format your programs nicely even if you don’t want to!)

If you’re new to vim, you might also appreciate:

  • the :h (or :help) command launches vim’s built-in help system. It contains everything you’ll ever want to know, but requires some patience to navigate.
  • vimtutor, a script meant to teach you vim. It should already be installed on your system, if you have vim.

Here’s my first ~/.vimrc. Surely I will update it as vim grows on me.

One Response to Pleased to meet you, VIM

  1. Thai says:

    I am so glad I am not expected to understand this, it is way beyond my current knowledge, however it may become helpful one day.

    Thank you,


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