What would you do to fly?

Since I’m going away for a few days, in which I won’t be able to update my blog, I’m leaving you with a question to think about. I suspect many people besides me have the longing to fly. What are you willing to do to achieve this dream?

  • Learn to bungee-jump
  • Learn to fly a helicopter
  • Parachute
  • Become a commercial airplane pilot
  • Go into space as a tourist

Some less pleasant (in the long term) possibilities:

  • Take drugs
  • Jump from the top of a building
  • Virtual reality
  • Become a pilot for the military

5 Responses to What would you do to fly?

  1. vultoor says:

    i will dream further :)

  2. Alex says:

    I wouldn’t file virtual reality to the ‘less pleasant’ category. Imagine that one day the sun goes boom, and we have to migrate our civilization to a different world. The trip would take so much time that it would make no sense to go into hibernation, it would be insane to spend all that time in a space-ship (routine, the same monotonous views, etc)

    The solution would be to upload our personalities to a server and continue living there, in a simulated world. It means that life would go on, evolution will not be stopped, new technologies will be researched, etc. Once we reach our destination, a special mechanism would synthesize living creatures and ‘inject’ the brain-image into them- hence everyone is back to the physical world.

    In other words, it sounds like ‘portable Matrix’ (a la ‘portable Firefox)

  3. World_in_wireframe says:

    I would do a movie about this subject. The feeling is great, makes you fly without the need of wings or advanced aeronautic technologies, just a computer, a garage, cracked programs(who pays for them in Moldova anyway, here is the heaven of flying people ;) ), some big speakers, Metallica and that’s all, fly around for how long do you want. Commercialize it, and go out into space as a tourist!!!

    Good luck at the contest (i think is too late for this, but better late than never)

  4. Constantin says:

    I put VR in the “less pleasant” category because if people would be allowed to use it (fly / whatever) for a limited amount of time (and at a fat price), they would never be satisfied. It would be like a drug to them, kind of like what computer games are to game addicts.
    I don’t think an “end of the world” scenario is plausible for our generation and, risking to sound like an ignorant, I dare to say that I’d rather not think about it. What’s the point in living a life of constant fear for the future? I’d live one day as a tiger instead of a thousand days as a sheep. (Chinese proverb)

  5. Alex says:

    The Chinese proverb is nice, but it misses one critical detail – one cannot choose where or whom they are born. In the real world, you have to deal with what you have and do your best to achieve a maximum in the circumstances in which you found yourself.

    I understand that metaphorical message of the proverb, but it places sheep in a really bad light; while in fact they (sheep) had no choice. Besides, the life of a tiger (as a predator) depends on the presence of sheep (as a target). If everyone chooses to be a tiger, who will be the sheep then?

    Back to the subject – VR may be expensive today, but it will become the norm tomorrow.

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