Experiencing a micro Slashdot Effect

A few days ago, an article I’ve written got linked from tuxmachines.org and later from debian-news.net, causing a rapid increase in the number of daily visitors to my blog. This is best illustrated by a picture:


Of course this wasn’t a true Slashdot Effect, as WordPress.com managed to serve without slow-downs. Nonetheless, it’s the first time something like this happens to me, so forgive me for this boring post ;) I didn’t even write the article for publicity, but rather as a means to remind myself how to do the task next time I need it.

2 Responses to Experiencing a micro Slashdot Effect

  1. vultoor says:

    tu ai norok ca ai avut 296 de vizitatori…la mine “recordul” a fost 91 :(

  2. Alex says:

    Congrats with that spike on the graph. To infinity, and beyond!

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