HOWTO: Scan with Mustek 600 CP in (Ubuntu) Linux

scanner.pngWell, there is actually a problem with this tutorial. It forces you to use Gimp and SANE as root each time you want to scan. This is a major security risk. If you know of any way to avoid it, I’d be glad to hear from you.
UPDATE: Please read the comments below ;)

  1. Optional (you may skip this if you’re sure you’ve got *this* scanner and not some other model with a similar name):
    Install the sane-utils package to gain access to the sane-find-scanner utility and find out exactly what scanner you own.

    sudo aptitude install sane-utils
    sudo sane-find-scanner -p

    This should output (among other things):

    found possible Mustek parallel port scanner at “parport0”

  2. Edit /etc/sane.d/dll.conf as root and find the section:


    Uncomment mustek_pp, as it’s a parallel port scanner we’re talking about here. Comment the other ones – you don’t need them. It should look like this:


    Make sure you save the file.

  3. Edit /etc/sane.d/mustek_pp.conf as root. Append this to the file:

    scanner Mustek-600CP parport0 cis600

    This declares that you have a scanner on the first parallel port (parport0), with 600DPI resolution (cis600), under the name Mustek-600CP. In most cases you may omit the parport0 part and specify * instead, in which case SANE will try to auto-detect the device used by the scanner.

  4. Start up the Gimp as root (you can do sudo gimp from the terminal). Go to File > Acquire > XSane > Device Dialog…. Press “Continue at your own risk” in the warning that appears (this is the not-so-great part). Now, the scanning interface should appear. You should not get a “no devices available” message.

I hope if this how-to saved you some time (which you would otherwise spend crawling through man-pages). Happy scanning! 8)

17 Responses to HOWTO: Scan with Mustek 600 CP in (Ubuntu) Linux

  1. rhialto says:

    Thanks for the howto, it works like a charm in Feisty. I can solve that “not-so-great-part” you mentioned: if you make your user a member of group ‘lp’, you can access your Mustek CP600 without having to be root

  2. Constantin says:

    I can’t test that now since I got rid of the scanner, but thank you!

  3. Linux Scanning & OCR

    I am sure I have posted (and lost) on this topic before, but I can highly recommend the following for getting a Mustek scanner up quickly I managed to get some OK…

  4. Blogger says:

    Well, what can I say!
    For three years I’ve been trying to get my Mustek 600 CP to work in Linux; it has been the reason for still keeping windows in my PC.
    You saved the day,sir. I can’t thank you enough!
    The instructions above are so thorough and easy; even for a newbie.

    Now I feel as if I managed to do the impossible. I can use my scanner with Linux Mint CELENA!!!

    Thank you! You have been of tremendously great help.


  5. Blogger says:

    # rhialto Says:
    May 29th, 2007 at 20:05

    Thanks for the howto, it works like a charm in Feisty. I can solve that “not-so-great-part” you mentioned: if you make your user a member of group ‘lp’, you can access your Mustek CP600 without having to be root

    OK, Rhialto! Could you, or anyone else, be more specific on ‘ make your user a member of group ‘lp’,’ How do you do this?
    Please, give some details on this function. I would appreciate it very much.
    Thanks in advance,

  6. Constantin says:

    Your comment got marked as spam for some reason — sorry!
    For adding users to groups you may use this:

  7. ghost says:

    Everything was doe like here, but sane can’t detect scanner (xsane crashes). I use xubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon.

  8. Constantin says:

    One of my friends has the exact same model and I’ve tried it on 7.10; it worked fine. Are you sure you have this exact scanner?

  9. kjb says:

    Big thanks! It’s work on my distro! :)

  10. zub says:

    ln -s /dev/.static/dev/parport0 /dev/parport0
    plus permissions for the user to given file
    solves the need of root permissions issue

  11. VascoF says:

    Thx for this. it works like a charm. Got it running normally on Gutsy.
    Good work.

  12. zub says:

    in fact symlink should be added via udev
    ln -s i just temorary before-reboot solution..

  13. Constantin says:

    Thanks, I’m planning an updated version of this article.

  14. markekeller says:

    This is terrific! Thank you so much for this tutorial! By following your instructions (and varying them slightly, for my model of scanner), I was able to get my old Mustek 600 III EP Plus scanner to work in Linux Mint (which is ironic, since I was unable to do so in Windows XP).

  15. marcus says:

    i have to be really thankful for this.
    And again the internet helped me saving a lot of time by sharing knowladge over the borders of time and countrys ….or something like this …

    bye marcus

  16. DAud says:

    Thanks, this saved me a lot of time!
    I could get my ScanMagic 600 CP working on my Arch Linux with your instructions in no time.

  17. joe says:

    Thanks a lot!

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