LQ Members Choice Awards

A few days ago (on February 18th, to be exact), LinuxQuestions.org has closed it’s Members Choice Awards Polls for 2006. Of course, I was too busy to blog about this then, so I’ll take my chances now. Apart from the fancy names, these LQ polls are held annually to determine the choice of software LQ forum members are using. The distribution with the most number of voters is Ubuntu – nothing surprising here.

It is interesting to note that KDE software has won in quite a few categories:

KDE applications came close to winning in the following sections:

In the Browser of the Year section, Konqueror has gained only 7.41% of the votes :(

You can access the full discussions and polls here, and a short summary here. Of course, if the crowd seems to be using one piece of software, you don’t have to go the same way. Linux and Open Source are all about choice, so welcome to the minority!

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