Temperature doesn’t kill Hard Disks after all

First and foremost, sorry for the prolonged silence. I’ve been pretty busy these days, mostly with two programming contests, one of which online. Most of the changes I’ve done to my blog happened “under the hood”. I split the About section into parts: Music, Quotes etc. You can access them from the sidebar, on the main page.

To get to the subject: Google released a paper on hard disk reliability today, based on an astounding 100,000 disk drives they’ve analyzed over 5 years. And they found out that temperature and continuous usage are not the main factors leading to HDDs death, as believed before. So if your hard drive gets hot like mine does, there’s nothing to be afraid of. It will not make it die sooner. On the other hand, if you’re getting SMART errors, you’d better rush for a replacement. No errors doesn’t mean no backup though, as many hard drives die without SMART noticing.

I don’t do backups at all and I know that’s very bad. One day I’ll pay for this. Gotta buy some more DVD-Rs…

Link to /. story

PDF link to the paper itself

3 Responses to Temperature doesn’t kill Hard Disks after all

  1. vultoor says:

    haha…cool thing…
    i guess now a can keep my comp on for days :)

  2. Constantin says:

    Yeah, as long as you don’t mind paying the electricity bill ;)

  3. vultoor says:

    damn…forgot about it :)

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