Valentine’s Day >/dev/null

If you look up, they call you a religious zealot.
If you look down, they call you a loser.
If you look left, they call you a socialist.
If you look right, they call you Nazi.
If you look forward, they call you dreamy.
If you look backward, they call you nostalgic.

Do you still care what they say?

If you use DOS, they call you an old fart.
If you use Windows, they call you an imperialist.
If you use Linux, they call you a communist.
If you use a Mac, they call you rich f*ck.

Do you still give a damn for what they say?

If you learn, they call you a nerd.
If you cheat, they call you a liar.
If you ask for help, they call you a beggar.
If you don’t, they call you arrogant.

Need I say more?

If you like white, they call you blind.
If you like black, they call you a pessimist.
If you like blue, they call you gay.
If you like green, they call you boring.
If you like red, they call you dangerous.

Are you still listening to THEM?!!

(for those who wonder what /dev/null is)

16 Responses to Valentine’s Day >/dev/null

  1. Tia says:

    I love this – really made me smile! Thank you.

  2. Hameed Khan says:

    Great! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Constantin says:

    I’m glad you liked it :)

  4. Alex says:

    Nice poem, it describes the model of our society^ in great detail.

  5. It reflects the very truth of society’s view towards an individual… Nice job. I have just a question. Do you then agree to “Ignorance is Bliss”?
    You have to F R E E Y O U R M I N D! :)

  6. Constantin says:

    In some cases Ignorance can indeed be a Bliss. It saves you from a lot of bad feelings. But other times ignoring something prevents you from learning important facts. Distinguishing between cases when you should ignore and cases when you shouldn’t is one of life’s secrets I suppose.

  7. Adrenalin says:

    Interesant, bravo.

    Linux+Coding+Poezii, combinatie nebuna %) Felicitari

  8. Eujen=) says:

    hmm… good associations… i like it… really, it’s a good one! bravo!

  9. Eujen=) says:

    apropo… blogul e super, imi place, totul e ordonat, usor…. bravo!=) sorry ca nu la tema… :)

  10. vultoor says:

    lolozaur…cool poem

  11. Constantin says:

    Thank you, I appreciate it.

  12. ilovemint says:

    Even though this is kind of old…the poem is so brilliant I can’t resist it ;) Very simple and straightforward and so all the more direct and powerful. The first stanza is the best I think.

  13. esseyeex says:

    I can see the resemblance, i disliked the second stanza, everything else was on point and overall a good read.

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