Why Konqueror Rules

I’ve got some great news (news?). The Konqueror which was released with KDE 3.5.6 is the best supporting CSS3 browser ever. Konqueror uses KHTML as it’s engine.

I’ve decided to try this test on my Linux box. Here are the results:

  • Firefox: From the 43 selectors 26 have passed, 10 are buggy and 7 are unsupported (Passed 357 out of 578 tests)
  • Opera: From the 43 selectors 25 have passed, 3 are buggy and 15 are unsupported (Passed 346 out of 578 tests)
  • Konqueror: From the 43 selectors 43 have passed, 0 are buggy and 0 are unsupported (Passed 578 out of 578 tests)

I’m too lazy to boot into windows and try IE, so do it yourself: here’s the link to the test, again (click ‘Start testing…’)

acid2.pngBTW, Konqueror also passes the ACID2 browser test, which Opera is fine with, but not Firefox.
Some stuff that I dislike about using Konqueror:

  • GMail works (partially) only if you tell Konqueror to pretend it’s Firefox (a.k.a. Custom Browser Identification). The chat window doesn’t work even then. (GMail’s fault!)
  • There seems to be no way to use StumbleUpon with Konqueror :( (StumbleUpon’s fault!)
  • The WYSIWYG WordPress editor (based on tinymce) also has trouble with Konqueror. I’m using Firefox for blogging for now. (whose fault?)
  • It only works on Linux / BSD, so I can’t show-off to my Windows-only friends. But the 4.0 version will work on that-other-os, too. If you want to try it and you’re stuck with windows, you can always grab a live-cd!

5 Responses to Why Konqueror Rules

  1. mihaelams1 says:

    Thank you for this review, it was useful, but in a very strange way ;)
    I didn’t download Konqueror, but I got interested by StumbleUpon! I installed it and now I can’t imagine my Firefox without it! (And I also can’t imagine my internet bill! ;D)
    It’s pity that it doesn’t support Russian searches, because I like russian fantasy books :( Anyway, it’s a magic tool, a musthave for those who like to see unvisited webpages.

  2. Constantin says:

    I’m glad it was useful :)
    Now you know why I whine about it not working with my preferred browser…

  3. nemti says:

    I’ve written a service menu for using StumbleUpon with Konqueror if you’re interested. The homepage for KStumble can be found here.

  4. Constantin says:

    Wow, that is so wonderful! Thank you!

  5. Chris Lees says:

    I really like Konqueror, it works very well. I especially like using the BeSpin theme on Konqueror, because you get a lovely crossfade when you change tabs! The only other browser I’ve seen that does that, is the Moblin browser (which came after Konqueror 4).

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