Random Stuff 2.0

  • I’ve disabled snap previews on my blog. (You know, those annoying tiny previews that used to appear when you hovered over a link). You can disable them for all sites, too.
  • Microsoft has launched Vista. Whatever

    Teach a man windows, and he will deal with windows. Teach a man linux, and he will deal with the world.

    (I’ve seen that somewhere but I can’t remember where. Tell me if you know, so I can give proper credits.)

  • You gotta see this guy’s sig. It’s absolutely hilarious.
  • KDE4 gets better and better every week. I am especially content with the KmPlot developments, since I find the current version very limiting.
  • Here’s something for people who know what PEBKAC means (hint: riahC dnA draobyeK neewteB stsixE melborP)
  • And here’s another interesting thing (google-related). I don’t think it will lead to anything good for the “German-born 32-year old entrepreneur”.

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